Zentrale Einsatzplanung im Pflegeheim: Stabsstelle als Erfolgsmodell

In the meantime, the
Aurelius-Hof in Mainhausen, Hessen, has had good
experiences with a staff unit for central deployment
planning: WBL and PDL now have more time for
care-related tasks. And if
someone gets sick or several employees are on vacation,
that is no longer a problem.

In the summer of
2015, when the management team at the Aurelius-Hof
decided to create a central employment planning unit,
success was not foreseeable. Initial hurdles had to be overcome, but it was
worth it: The model is running and nobody wants to miss
the Central Mission Planner – which is called in-house
ZEP – more. Altenheim TV
Special was for home visit in the facility.
Quality manager Nicole Ott and her
colleagues report on the experiences, what has changed
through the central resource planning and why the model
is recommended for other care
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Seminars on the subject: May 25, 2018
in Regensburg, June 5, 2018 in Frankfurt am Main / Bad
Nauheim, June 13, 2018 in Stuttgart.

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